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About Hogwood

Contrary to popular belief, the soul of barbecue isn’t in the south. It isn’t in any one place. It’s in the fire. It’s the flames that fuel the smoker, tenderizing and roasting until just the right temperature. It’s the fire that lives in the heart of the chef who meticulously hand-selects seasonal ingredients and pairs them in a way that’s unexpected perfection. It’s the fire that lights the path to faraway lands where spices are brought in by boat and chosen by aroma. It’s the flame that lit the kitchens of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers who hand-wrote recipes and tucked them away for future generations. It’s the fire burning out back for hours upon hours while food is cooked to temperature, with no regard for time or to do lists. Yes, the soul of barbecue isn’t in any one place. It’s in the fire.

Hogwood Smoked Meats

Hogwood’s artisan smoked meats are perfectly seasoned with our unique Hogwood Spice Blend, then slowly smoked to perfection using locally-sourced orchard wood.

Signature Sides by Hogwood

Hogwood’s fresh signature sides and icebox pickles are made in small batches using the finest ingredients available. Try our new Potato Salad!

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Hogwood delivers wood-fired meats smoked to perfection and signature craft sides. We specialize in weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties and corporate events.

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